Excel Vba : Filtering Between Two Dates Using Userform

November 12, 2017 Leave a comment

On the userform, when the dates (start date,end date) are entered in text boxes of userform and if report button is pressed the userform elongation effect is activated and listbox appears.The found results are listed on the listbox.
When choosing a date to add into text boxes,the date userform was used instead of date picker control .

Download sample workbook


Display The Pictures On Userform & Picture Management With Userform

November 9, 2017 Leave a comment

The Picture Adding / Deleting In Directory | Displaying Picture On Userform

In this tutorial, the selected image from computer is copied to folder which workbook is here. When the userform is loaded, the name of images with .jpg extension in the folder are sorted on the listbox. The image selected from the listbox is displayed on the “image control”.

Download example files