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Loading New Userform According To Clicked Listbox Item

The second userform is shown when the listbox item is double-clicked. Text boxes are filled according to values of double-clicked item.

Codes that supply the loading of the userform and the filling of the textboxes when double-clicking on the listbox:

Private Sub ListBox2_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)

Load UserForm2

UserForm2.TextBox1 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 0)

UserForm2.TextBox2 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 1)

UserForm2.TextBox3 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 2)

UserForm2.TextBox4 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 3)

UserForm2.TextBox5 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 4)

UserForm2.TextBox6 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 5)

UserForm2.TextBox7 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 6)

UserForm2.TextBox8 = VBA.Format(UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 7), “#,##.00”)

UserForm2.TextBox9 = VBA.Format(UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 8), “dd.mm.yyyy”)

UserForm2.TextBox10 = UserForm1.ListBox2.List(UserForm1.ListBox2.ListIndex, 0)

Unload UserForm1


End Sub

Download Example File

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