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Excel Vba Adding Item To Listbox And Combobox

         In this sample ,we conducted the processes without using the worksheet only on the userform .

With button on the userform, item can be added from textbox to combobox and to listbox .Also item in listbox can be updated and can be deleted with buton,

The listbox contains 13 columns. Therefore we have used an array to fill the listbox .It’s codes :


myarr = Array(cmbBtch.Value, txtBtchNo.Value, cmbSupCode.Value, txtSupName.Value, txtDate.Value, _

cmbItmCode.Value, txtItmName.Value, txtBox.Value, txtTara.Value, txtGwght.Value, txtTtara.Value, txtNwght.Value, txtPrice.Value)

lstStItems.ColumnCount = 13

If lstStItems.ListCount <= 0 Then

lstStItems.Column = myarr


lstStItems.AddItem myarr(0)

For n = 1 To 12

lstStItems.List(lstStItems.ListCount – 1, n) = myarr(n)

Next n

With an other button ,text boxes and combo boxes can be filled with listbox selected item’s value .Codes :


If lstStItems.ListIndex <> -1 Then

        With lstStItems

        cmbBtch.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 0)

        txtBtchNo.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 1)

        cmbSupCode.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 2)

        txtSupName.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 3)

        txtDate.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 4)

        cmbItmCode.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 5)

        txtItmName.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 6)

        txtBox.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 7)

        txtTara.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 8)

        txtGwght.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 9)

        txtTtara.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 10)

        txtNwght.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 11)

        txtPrice.Value = .List(.ListIndex, 12)

         End With


       MsgBox ” Any listbox item isn’t selected !”, vbCritical, “”

    End If

Excel vba from textbox to listbox

Download Example File

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