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Excel Calendar Control

The Date Entry  With Calendar Control

               In template, the date column is Column I (column 9).

If you select a cell in the Column I, the calendar will popup and when you click on the calendar the date will be placed in the active cell.
If you select a cell outside the Column I the calendar will disappear.

Related codes :

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Select Case Target.Column
    Case Is = 9                         ‘Column No
        Sheets(“Data1”).Calendar1.Visible = True
        evnsatırı = ActiveWindow.ScrollRow
            For i = 1 To evnsatırı
            evngelbenimle = evngelbenimle + Cells(i, 1).Height
            Next i
 ActiveSheet.Shapes(“Calendar1”).Left = 490                ‘Left Margin
ActiveSheet.Shapes(“Calendar1”).Top = evngelbenimle – 12  ‘Top Margin
Case Else
Sheets(“Data1”).Calendar1.Visible = False
End Select
End Sub



To Download Template

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