Find And Replace Data In A Closed Workbook (ADO) Without Opening It

Mayıs 23, 2016 Yorum bırakın

If you want to replace data from a closed workbook ,you can do this process fairly quickly with ADO .

Before, you can choose the workbook that you want to modify. Then, any sheet of listed sheets in the drop-down box  is selected .

Excel find and replace data in closed workbook

Download Example File

Find Repeating Data On The Sheet With Number Of Repetitions

Mayıs 9, 2016 Yorum bırakın

Data in “Column A” was used in this macro.

When the button is pressed,data in “Column A” are listed  into “Column G” and “Column H” with the number of repetitions.

It’s video :

Excel find repeating data

Example file can be downloaded here


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