Excel Vba Get Data From Closed Workbook

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Excel Vba Get Data From Closed Workbook

Import Data From Closed Book Based On The Cell’s Value (Without Using ADO)

            The wanted values are being fetched from other closed books according to Product No. in the in main file’s column B . The fetched values are listed in sequential rows.

The data are retrieving  quickly from closed books with this method.

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Copying The Chosen Numeric Values To The Other Page

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Useful Macros – 12

Copying The Chosen Numeric Values To The Other Page

              In the previous examples, the columns that contain non-numeric values were copied .

We will copy the numerical values that comply with criteria in this template . For example ; there are numeric values in Column I.

Now let’s copy great values from 20.000 in Column I to other pages.Using code as follows :

“For i = 1 To a

If Val(Cells(i, 9)) > 20000 Then

Sheets(“Data”).Rows(i).Copy sh2.Rows(last)

last = last + 1

End If

Next i “

numeric value copying

Download Working Example

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