Advanced Word Search Puzzle – Android Gameplay

July 16, 2018 Leave a comment

A smooth and fun word search puzzle gameplay for puzzle&brain games lovers.

android word game

android word search

mobile word game

android word puzzle

Leading Features :

– A complete word puzzle game for everyone.

– The uncomplicated game system

– Beatiful sound effects and animations.

– Endless play possibility with random, dynamically produced letters tables.

– 9 different difficulty modes : extremely easy,very easy,easy,medium,difficult,very difficult,excessively difficult,extremely difficult,supremely difficult.

– Time-limited and without time constraint word search modes.

– 21 language support (word search by 21 languages ) :

* Czech (Čeština)

* Danish (Dansk)

* Dutch (Nederlands)

* English (English)

* Finnish (Suomi)

* French (Français)

* German (Deutsch)

* Greek (Eλληνικά)

* Hungarian (Magyar)

* Italian (Italiano)

* Japanese (日本の)

* Korean (한국의)

* Norwegian (Norsk)

* Polish (Polski)

* Portuguese (Português)

* Romanian (Românesc)

* Russian (Pусский)

* Spanish (Español)

* Swahili (Kiswahili)

* Swedish (Svenska)

* Turkish (Türkçe)

– Providing hints and extra time by watching the rewarded video.

– Day and night modes.

– Optimized for all device sizes.

– Optional stopwatch, grid, sound effects and animations.

Download and play : Android Word Search Puzzle


Simple To-Do List With Reminder – Android App

July 2, 2018 Leave a comment

Are you forgetting the tasks you need to do during the day?

We are forgetting our tasks from time to time, sometimes quite alarmingly.

The solution of this problem is in this application. If you need to do some tasks and you’re worried that you may forget,set a reminder using our app and relax.

You can easily create a to-do list and can set task reminder with application. The application is easy to use and has a simple interface.

android todo list

Android Task Reminder

The app notifies you with a notification when the time of task has come. Also the device vibrates. It shows you what you need to do on screen.

Leading Features:

– Easy to use and simple interface.

– Adding new tasks, editing and deleting tasks

– Adding date and time for task

– To be able to add a reminder for the task

– Adding unlimited new categories and editing the categories

– Icon selection for categories

– Grouping tasks based on time and category

Android todo list reminder

Android todolist

android todolist app

Download app and use : Android To-Do List App