Light The Lamps – Android Brain Game

May 15, 2018 Leave a comment

Complete Circuit – Light The Lamps

Android Light Lamps Game

A fun game that it will improve your mind.

In the game, you have to complete the circuit paths between the battery and the led lamps and you must switch on all of the lamps in the given time (as soon as possible).

The game has 4 difficulty stages :

– Easy

– Medium

– Difficult

– Very difficult

The game consists a battery, circuit paths and LED lamps.When you touch the circuit paths, the direction of this paths changes. You must connect the paths to each other and to battery as properly so that all the lamps are lit.

Game can be downloaded here : Android Light Lamp Game


Truck Simulator & Urban Truck Driving 3D

April 25, 2018 Leave a comment

Android Truck Simulator

Enjoy experience of truck driving in streets of the city with realistic controls.

A truck simulator that is wonderful and easy to use .

In the simulator,truck driving is easy and very fun with realistic 3d graphics,sounds,controls.

Leading Features:

– Realistic 3d graphics,sounds

-Single player and multi player modes (online multiplayer with server)

-Earnable points by watching rewarded videos

-3 different camera angle.

-Easy controls ; accelarator,brake, touch steering wheel, right and left turn signal

-Forward and reverse gear


Download link on Google Play : Android Truck Simulator