Service Product Registration Form

Products in technical service, customer name, phone, date, device name, device failure, repair fee, etc. information is entered into the textboxes on MAIN sheet, then when the button is pressed, the information is transferred to RECORDS sheet’s corresponding columns .

Values on the RECORDS sheet can be examined the filtering by customer name and by date.

Read more and download sample file : Excel Technical Service Product Registration Template

Excel Move Items Between List Boxes

Items can be moved between listboxes by clicking the button.
It is checked whether the item to be moved is in the other listbox. The item is not moved if it already exists.
In the userform in our template, there are two listboxes named ListBox1 and ListBox2.

Also,while moving the elements, an animation runs at the top of userform.

deg = ListBox1.Value
    For m = 0 To ListBox2.ListCount - 1
    If deg = CStr(ListBox2.List(m)) Then
        MsgBox "This item already exists in ListBox2", vbCritical, ""
    Exit Sub
    End If

As seen in the picture above, items of the listbox can be moved up and down.

Read more and download sample file here