Find Hidden Words

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Word Search – Brain Game

Word search game is the advanced puzzle game in which you must find hidden words from mixed letters and it is perfect brain exercise .

Also, it is a fun game that will improve your concentration skills and expand vocabulary.

Both adults and children can play Advanced Word Search Puzzle.Because puzzle has been created with different levels of difficulty for to play at any age and level of knowledge.
Especially “extremly easy”, “very easy”, “easy” game modes are ideal for children and beginners.When the player’s specialize and skill increased can easily pass the medium and more difficult levels in the word puzzle.

Word search puzzle provides you to improve your eye-hand skills and strengthen your attention.

📥 Download the puzzle for free !
Leading Features : 
🔸 A complete word puzzle game for everyone.
🔸 The uncomplicated game system
🔸 Beatiful sound effects and animations.
🔸 Endless play possibility with random, dynamically produced letters tables.
🔸 9 different difficulty modes : extremely easy,very easy,easy,medium,difficult,very difficult,excessively difficult,extremely difficult,supremely difficult.
🔸 When the letters in the table are selected, the word generated by the highlighted letters can be seen instantly on the screen above the table.
🔸 Time-limited and without time constraint word search modes.
🔸 Leaderboards and Achievements.
🔸 21 language support (word search by 21 languages ) :
🇨🇿 Czech (Čeština)
🇩🇰 Danish (Dansk)
🇳🇱 Dutch (Nederlands)
🇺🇸 English (English)
🇫🇮 Finnish (Suomi)
🇫🇷 French (Français)
🇩🇪 German (Deutsch)
🇬🇷 Greek (Eλληνικά)
🇭🇺 Hungarian (Magyar)
🇮🇹 Italian (Italiano)
🇯🇵 Japanese (日本の)
🇰🇷 Korean (한국의)
🇳🇴 Norwegian (Norsk)
🇵🇱 Polish (Polski)
🇵🇹 Portuguese (Português)
🇷🇴 Romanian (Românesc)
🇷🇺 Russian (Pусский)
🇪🇸 Spanish (Español)
🇹🇿 Swahili (Kiswahili)
🇸🇪 Swedish (Svenska)
🇹🇷 Turkish (Türkçe)
🔸 Providing hints and extra time by watching the rewarded video (If you can’t find a word or if your time is up,dont’ worry ! By watching the award-winning video you can earn extra hints and time, and continue your progress in the word puzzle) .
🔸 Day and night modes.
🔸 Help, language, word layout, rate the app and etc. dialogs to enhance user experience.
🔸 Optimized for all device sizes.
🔸 Optional stopwatch, grid, sound effects and animations.
Now install game and start searching for hidden words in the table ! Spend fun times while you improved your attention skills.
Download and find hidden words : Find Hidden Words

Android Currency Converter App

January 15, 2019 Leave a comment

Currency Converter is first of its own app which provides live currency rates of every country in the world. It’s not only provide live currency rate it also help you to convert currency of one country to other with one button press.

currency converterandroid currency converter

✔️ 170+ currencies

✔️ Live currency rates

✔️ Real time conversion

Currency Converter – Comes with a simple exchange rate conversion and exchange rate calculation.

App can be downloaded on Google Play : Currency Converter